AGNS visit, 21 Mar 2015

An old engraving of men fighting over curling match (literally), including one man prostrate on the ice, broom in hand, defeated, and a cat, mid-leap.

Elementary school kids layering paint, photography & tracings of apples, a la Mary Pratt.

Manfred Mohr’s algorithmic geometry:


(Zeichnung A, Ink / paper, 1967, 75cm x 60cm)

Daniel Rozin’s “Rust Mirror.”

“Machinery is NOT unnatural. We are cyborgs already.” – From Alan Rath’s artist’s statement.

The pleading watercolour faces of soldiers and nurses in Canadian WWI propaganda posters.

Eleanor King’s wormholes: part spirograph, part flattened slinky, part ripple in the space-time continuum.

Jacques Hurtubise’s abstract, symmetrical control:

Mors aux Dents