Class, culture, and “tremendous feeling.”

I don’t make the mistake that high culture mongers do of assuming that because people like cheap art, their feelings are cheap, too. When people say, “Oh, listen, they’re playing our song,” they don’t mean, “Our song, this cheap, tinkling, syncopated piece of rubbish is what we felt when we met.” What they’re saying is, “That song reminds me of the tremendous feeling we had when we met.” Some of the songs I use are great anyway, but the cheaper songs are still in the direct line of descent from David’s Psalms. They’re saying, “Listen, the world isn’t quite like this, the world is better than this, there is love in it.” So-called dumb people, simple people, uneducated people, have as authentic and profound depth of feeling as the most educated on earth. And anyone who says different is a fascist. (121)

English filmmaker Dennis Potter (1935-1994), qtd. in: Marcus, Greil. The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years. New York: Public Affairs, 2011. Print.