AGNS visit, 21 Mar 2015

An old engraving of men fighting over curling match (literally), including one man prostrate on the ice, broom in hand, defeated, and a cat, mid-leap.

Elementary school kids layering paint, photography & tracings of apples, a la Mary Pratt.

Manfred Mohr’s algorithmic geometry:


(Zeichnung A, Ink / paper, 1967, 75cm x 60cm)

Daniel Rozin’s “Rust Mirror.”

“Machinery is NOT unnatural. We are cyborgs already.” – From Alan Rath’s artist’s statement.

The pleading watercolour faces of soldiers and nurses in Canadian WWI propaganda posters.

Eleanor King’s wormholes: part spirograph, part flattened slinky, part ripple in the space-time continuum.

Jacques Hurtubise’s abstract, symmetrical control:

Mors aux Dents


Catfood [self-promotion].

My story “Catfood” (another Twin Phantoms excerpt) appears in the first issue of Understorey Magazine. Many thanks to editor Katherine J. Barrett, who approached me for a submission after my WFNS Mentorship reading.

Mum was up smoking at the window. Tapping ashes into the sink. Nini’s dead, I told her. I put her last bottle of blueberry jam on the table.

Mum took straight off past me with her cigarette. Cross the gravel in bare feet like God said it, not me. So I set about making toast on the stove and took mum’s spot at the window, watched her circle ’round to Aunt Nini’s porch door. Bout twelve when I found her. Nancy was her right name.

From Gilroy, Corinne. “Catfood.” Understorey Mag. 1.1 (2013): n. pag. Web. 8 Dec. 2013.

Dark grass [self-promotion].

A poem I wrote on impulse has been anthologized. Somebody pinch me.

traps out there traps that curl open
stretch bored tingling limbs across
black grass hours ahead of dew (28-30)

From Gilroy, Corinne. “Dark Grass.” Writing the Common: Being An Anthology of Poetry Commemorating the 250th Anniversary of the Halifax Common. Kentville, NS: Gaspereau. 40-42. Print.


At issue once again were the post-Confederation boundary extensions that enlarged Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta with resource-rich northern territories, while leaving the Maritimes with the same weak hand they’d been dealt at Confederation […].

Now federal Opposition leader, Robert Stanfield said the Liberal government was denying Nova Scotians their birthright. “The offshore resources are to the people of the Atlantic Provinces the equivalent of the oil and gas deposits of Alberta, the mines of Ontario and Quebec, the grain fields of the Prairies and the forests and mines of British Columbia.” (88)

From Starr, Richard. Power Failure? Halifax, NS: Formac, 2011. Print.