Class power talking.

I’m just going to let an inspired moment on Twitter speak for itself:

  • The opening paragraph gets better each time I read it. Thank you, @second_sailing
  • “There’s s’thing really terrifying in just how obsessively he dwelt on this objective truth, before an audience who didn’t need convincing.”
  • Re: public intellectuals, we can do better than a gaggle of Captain Obviousi subjecting us to their Well, Actually repetition compulsion.
  • “A bad world can be redeemed. The dogma that it’s good is rarely anything but evil.” MARRY ME.
  • “Every irrational social order has declared itself to be in some way isomorphic with reality itself.” SAY YES.
  • W/ever you hear a rapturous defense of the natural world, you shd be on yr guard: this is class power talking, & it’s trying to kill you.
  • Realizing the irony of what I’m about to say: holy god. What a satisfying read. Begging to be the lyrics for an ambient drone doom album.
  • I’m an atheist (imprecise ID, but I’ll spare you) who realized at a fairly young age that I was not welcome in the dominant conversation.
  • Dominant conversation being the OK’ness of capitalism, its rationality, the eminent evolutionary necessity of sexism, racism, xenophobia.
  • I had fun staying up late to watch Politically Incorrect w/ Bill M…. until I didn’t.
  • I thought I wanted to read Hitchens, Dawkins… until I did.
  • I got the same quicksand feeling from their superficial, unimaginative, inhumane atheism +
  • + as I did from the strident born-again boy who rejected me in high school.
  • 15+ years later, and this is still mostly a conversation I keep up alone, +
  • + pulling along the empirical & non-empirical with an attempt at equal & adequate care.