A complicated, spectrum-like, highly variable phenomenon.

Today the Victorian era conjures the rigid gender roles of the ideology of separate domestic and public spheres, embodied in the sexual prudishness of Victorian women’s high-necked, floor-length black dresses. In striking contrast to this image, late nineteenth-century cell biologists and embryologists understood sex as a complicated, spectrum-like, and highly variable phenomenon. They were fascinated by the diversity of forms of sexual dimorphism and intersexuality in nature. (24)

From Richardson, Sarah. Sex Itself. Chicago: U Chicago P, 2013. Print.

Cold swimming pools.

We were better gods, incubating life in hot patches
of cold swimming pools, swelling up swimshorts with jets of
warm water and hot tubs and belly laughing, muscles contracting,
as the swelling of balloons like pockets emptied back into the
jelly-slick (25-29)

From Cooley, Kevin. “Simone & Sartre.” The Impressment Gang 1.3 (2015): 28-29. Print.