Throughout 2023, I’ll be tracking books I read that I already own. My pile is getting out of hand, and I always enjoy passing books along to friends, or donating them to my library’s used book sale.

If you’d like to follow along or participate on Mastodon: I’ll be using the hashtag #ReadYourShelf2023.

Not sure what to say? Prompts/details to consider:

  • Metadata (book info: title, author, year, etc.)
  • Cover photo, or a photo of you with your book
  • Its “number,” i.e., is this the 1st or 10th or 75th book-you-already-own that you’ve read in 2023?
  • How long has it been sitting on your shelf?
  • Where did your copy come from?
  • If you plan to keep it, why?
  • If you plan to pass it along or donate it, why? And to whom?

Cheers & have fun!