Getting Off the Library’s Pot

I have a stack of library books by my bed. Just seven titles, but enough to delay, indefinitely, any attempt at reading what I’ve purchased, scavenged, or been given.

Girls, it’s time to say goodbye; it’s for the best.

Nothing’s stopping us from meeting up again someday; we’ll always have my lending history.

  • Bright, Susie. Big Sex Little Death.
  • Comella, Lynn. Vibrator Nation.
  • Danesi, Marcel. From Flappers to Rappers.
  • Grosz,Elizabeth. Chaos, Territory, Art.
  • Khakpour, Porochista. Sons and Other Flammable Objects.
  • Norton, Peter D. Fighting Traffic.
  • Steele, Valerie. Fetish.

Despite being entitled to semester-long “term” loans (as both a library staff member and a graduate student), I always feel compelled to read library books first. Yet I can thoughtlessly delay (for years– even a decade) touching books I’ve spent money on.

Is that what they call an external motivator? Am I using this project as an internal / external transformer? So be it.